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Adoptive Parents - Oklahoma Adopt

Adoption is a journey!

At Deaconess Adoption, we view the creation of a family by adoption as a life-changing journey – not a one-time event!


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That’s why we provide comprehensive, post-adoption services long after your adoption is finalized. Services include adoptive family gatherings, ongoing support, adoption counseling and a library with the most up-to-date resources. As you embark on this venture, emotional and financial risks exist and unplanned joy and excitement abound! We also understand how difficult it is to select adoption professionals you can trust to help you navigate the process and support you along the way.

With more than 100 years of adoption experience and involvement in the creation of more than 5,500 families, we are fully-equipped and highly qualified to join you on this journey.

Please call to schedule a face-to-face orientation with one of our specialists who can answer any questions you may have – 405.949.4200 or 800.567.6631. 







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