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Deaconess Adoption Counseling Services

For many on the adoption journey an array of emotions exist including joy, confusion, anger, frustration and hope.  Often times, securing additional support through our adoption competent counseling services can help bring clarity, confidence and healing.

Sometimes families have questions or concerns that arise with their children which may require the help of adoption competent professionals. A common issue for adoptive parents is seeking guidance in responding to an adoptee’s emotional, behavioral, and/or developmental concerns. Other issues experienced by adoptees and adoptive parents include identity formation, racial issues and relational challenges. When a child has been placed for adoption as an older child, they bring with them a history. This history may include trauma that has affected their ability to feel safe and comfortable in their adoptive family.

The following link shares some important facts about the need for adoption competent services.

Adult adoptees may also seek to gain insight about their experiences and guidance on navigating relationships with both birth and adoptive families.

We are also committed to providing lifelong services to birth families. It is normal to experience mixed feelings after placing a child for adoption. Many birth parents have questions about how to communicate with others who may be not understanding of their adoption decision.

Counseling is offered to individuals, families, and couples. The length and duration of counseling varies based on the needs of the client.

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Bonnie shares when post-adoption counseling may be necessary.

For more information about our counseling services now, contact Bonni Goodwin, Therapist, at 405.949.4200 or email her at

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