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Deaconess Adoption Birth Mother Retreat 2016


An opportunity to honor a special Mom in your life who faced an unexpected pregnancy and made the heroic decision to choose life!

For the past nine years, Deaconess Adoption has celebrated and honored Birth Moms!

She was faced with an unplanned pregnancy and made the most difficult decision of her life.  She chose life and then chose a family for her child.

Help us honor this brave and heroic Mom during a weekend of being one among many others who share her unique experience.  Allow her to see herself as the Mother she is and receive the blessing of continued healing.

If you would like to honor a special Mother in your life, please consider sponsoring her for $125 if you can, if not, any amount will help.

You can donate above
or mail a check to
Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption
7101 NW Expressway, Suite 325
Oklahoma City, OK  73132.

 Please mention Birth Mother Retreat



There are many ways to support our mission.

A convenient online form allows you to donate using your credit card or PayPal account. You can also support children and families by giving to funds that support your favorite aspects of our ministry, by making in-kind donations, or by making an estate plan. Find out more about each fund by clicking on any of the links listed to the right or below.

Helping Babies – The Moses Fund
Several of our babies have endured significant prenatal and/or alcohol drug exposure. Some of our newborns reflect a combination of ethnic heritages. This fund provides financial scholarships to families to help them in meeting the best interests of these children. (click here for more info and to donate)

Empowering Women – The Mary Fund
This fund is designed to help today’s “Mary.” Monies are used for pregnant women’s living expenses, counseling and support costs, and educational scholarships. (click here for more info and to donate)

Reuniting Families – The Joseph Fund
This fund provides an adoption support group for teens, provides scholarships for those who desire to be reunited with their family of origin but cannot afford the fee, and is used to purchase resources utilized in the counseling process. (click here for more info and to donate)

Forevers for Children – The Journey Fund
This fund is designed to help older children find their “forever” home.  Locating families for children ages two to thirteen entails unique challenges and trials.  We have experienced an influx of calls from relatives requesting help in locating homes for older children.  We know God has a heart for the fatherless, so our desire is to respond to this need proactively.  (click here for more info and to donate)

Sustaining Growth – The Nehemiah Fund
This fund helps the need for additional office space to host educational seminars, goes towards post family placement visits, support groups, and the up-to-date technology needed to accommodate our growth. (click here for more info and to donate)

Legacy for Life Fund
For only $25 a month, you will help provide a future and a hope to the many children, women and families we serve at Deaconess Pregnancy and Adoption Services. (click here for more info and to donate)

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