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The Moses Fund

The Moses Fund

In early March 2012, a prospective birth mother came in to receive counseling pertaining to her unplanned pregnancy. The next day, she delivered a daughter prematurely at 25 weeks and 2 days. Her prognosis was bleak – the physicians affirmed her chances of survival were minimal. She would probably suffer from severe special needs. She experienced a severe brain bleed a few weeks after birth and we were informed that she’d be in the intensive care unit for several months. We knew God knit her together in her mother’s womb and had a future and a hope for her. We named her Promise – believing that He would bless her with continued health and a family.

God answered our prayers! Promise’s health continued to improve and it appeared that she was going to survive. Therefore, we began searching for the family that God had planned to love and care for this precious child. Through a series of phone calls and emails,  Mark and Chris, her adoptive parents, were led to Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption Services. Their journey to Promise was not an easy one either, as we learned their house burned down one year ago while they were on vacation. However, one of the only surviving pieces of property was a journal their daughter had given to Chris approximately 10 years ago. Thankfully, Chris slipped the journal in her purse before they left for vacation. Recorded in the journal were prayers for an African American baby girl with special needs!

On May 23, 2012, Mark and Chris met their daughter for the first time. They named her, Lydia Hope.

This fund is named for the great hero of the Old Testament.

Remember his story? In order to keep Moses from being slain by the king of Egypt, his mother placed him in a papyrus basket hid him among the reeds along the bank of the Nile. Pharaoh’s daughter had compassion on the Hebrew baby, rescuing and raising him as her own child. Moses ended up being the one God chose to bring the Law to mankind, a humble beginning with a magnificent end!

Several of our babies have endured significant prenatal and/or alcohol drug exposure. Some of our newborns reflect a combination of ethnic heritages. Unfortunately, it is difficult to locate families who are able to embrace the special needs of these precious children. Therefore, this fund provides financial scholarships to families to help them in meeting the best interests of these children.



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