replacing services


Deaconess Pregnancy and Adoptive Services (DPAS)

is also committed to finding homes for children who have been previously adopted and, for some reason or another, their adoptive family feels that they can no longer be a safe or possible home. In the fall of 2013, there was an 18-month study published by Reuters revealing a national crisis called “re-homing.” This term was originally used in reference to pet owners feeling that they no longer were able to be caregivers for their pet, so they would seek a new home that was better able to care for the animal. This term now describes more than just adopted animals. Following the publication, private re-homing of adopted children has become a hot topic across the nation due to the revelation of the incredible danger to which these children were being exposed.


DPAS has chosen to take an active role to assist the children and families who feel that they are hopeless and helpless. The first line of assistance is to offer intervention and support through post-adoption counseling, hoping to maintain the original placement. However, if the family feels that this is not possible, we will then seek another adoptive family through the safe and supervised placement process we utilize for all of our adoptive placements.

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