Oklahoma Adoption

“I wasn’t ready to be
a parent”

“I knew in my heart that I wasn’t ready to be a parent.” Countless reasons exist why one may not be ready to raise a child.  Maybe there’s not enough time, money, or help.  Perhaps you’re not ready to put your dreams on hold.  Could it be that you and your partner are already struggling to feed and clothe the children you have and adding another baby would be too much stress on your relationship?You may be worried about talking with family and friends.  Your baby’s dad might be upset…or maybe, he’s not even around anymore.  You really don’t know what do right now and are unsure about who to talk to.We have a staff of trained professionals who specialize in meeting every individual, couple or family at their point of need. Each person is treated with dignity and respect with no judgements made or pressure exerted.  So call us @ 405-949-4200, text us @ 405-397-3140 or email us @



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